Monday, September 14, 2009

A little more behind the ear, please!

Sometimes I just sit outside in our front yard with Zoomer. I bring out my lawn chair and his blanket, and we sit and "talk". I often talk to Zoomer about how our Creator answered our prayers and gave him more days. Zoomer has had a rough year, adjusting to getting around with one missing leg, and dealing with the extra pains and strains that the extra stress puts on his body. Add to all this, the difficulty of just getting old. But through all that, he still seems to love life, and greets me with a full-blown tag-wagging every time I walk through the door.

He still loves to bark at strange dogs or people who appear to be intruders in the confines of his world, as they do nothing more than casually walk by our house on their innocent evening stroll. Little do they know, he has no real desire to hurt anyone. All he wants to do is meet them, to be able to sniff them, get a little scratch behind the ear, and say, "There, now you are my friend." It seems that all through his life, all Zoomer has wanted to do is to meet people and make friends. And through this, he has helped me do the same through the people we have met together.

He has truly been this man's best friend.

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