Thursday, December 10, 2009

Round 2: Captain Z gets electrified!

This past Monday, Zoomer had his second chiropractic and acupuncture treatment. It was quite an ordeal, in several ways. First of all, it had been snowing for part of the afternoon, and with the clinic almost 40 miles away, we didn't know how safe the roads would be. Fortunately, the roads never got that bad, and we got there just on time.

But as soon as the doctor's assitant saw us, she told us that the doctor was gone. Apparently, her daughter was in an accident earlier in the day, and she had to cancel our appointment. Well, it turns out that they have a client with almost the same name as mine, Mark Ehlert, spelled very close to my name. So they had called the wrong person to cancel the appointment. The funny thing is that Mark Ehlert just said, "Okay.", when he was told of the cancellation. Funny, now the guy probably thinks he's getting dementia!

Well, the assistant called the vet at the hospital where her daughter was being treated and explained the situation. Fortunately, the young lady was not hurt bad at all, and the vet was able to get back to her clinic and give Zoomer his treatment.

When the vet finally arrived, she asked me how Zoomer was doing. I said that I hadn't really seen much, if any, change. Well, upon watching him walk for awhile, she disagreed. She said he was doing noticaby better than he was the last time she saw him only 6 days ago. I then realized that he was now walking with his spine noticably straighter. He still has a long way to go, but it was reassuring to actually see some improvement.

For round 2, Zoomer received 15 needles, but this time they were given a very low current of electricity.

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