Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I second that Elmar

My M3 kit feels just right with the 50mm/f2.8 Elmar mounted on it. But the M3 was also designed to take the long glass better than any other M, so I've been looking and looking for a 90mm Leica lens that I could afford. And last week I found it, a 1957 90/f4 Elmar in M mount, born the very same year as my M3 and the 50/f2.8 Elmar. It's from a member at RFF, and it sure looks like he knows how to care for his camera gear, as the glass is still clean and clear, and the lens barrel is not too far from that itself. Pictures taken with this lens to follow soon!

This pretty much completes my M3 kit, and probably my Leica RF kit overall.

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