Wednesday, March 4, 2009

57 Year-old Kodachrome!

Several weeks ago, I posted some pictures of a roll of 53 year-old Kodak Tri-X black & white film that I had aquired. I doubt I'll ever try to shoot that film, as the reason I picked it up was for an interesting still-life prop. Today I received some Kodachrome that's even more ancient than the Tri-X. This Kodachrome is dated to expire in 1954, meaning it was probably manufactured in 1952. It's 57 years-old! Kodak manufactured this specific type of Kodachrome from 1936 until 1962.

Back when I first starting photographing as a freshman in high school, 35mm Kodak film came in silver, unpainted aluminum, screw-top canisters. I had always wished I kept some of those old canisters. But the ones from this 57 year-old film are even cooler! The red and orange paint that Kodak gave these canisters were the traditional Kodak logo colors. They'll make a nice addition to my collection of retro still-life props.

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  1. I remember the aluminum canisters quite well, but IIRC only Kodak color film and some special B&W films used them. I remember Plus-X and Tri-X rolls coming in foil wrappers.