Friday, February 20, 2009

Nature Compensates

Dogs have a way of dealing with physical challenges that sometimes us humans have a difficult time understanding. They apparently don't have the ability to recall the past in a way that allows them to understand the "good ol' days". Rather, they live in the moment, and deal with their challenges as they come along without a sense of "worry".
A lot of people thought that Zoomer would have a difficult time adjusting to getting around on three legs. I've known other dogs that have lost a leg and have adjusted to it with no problem. But I have to confess that I always thought greyhounds would not belong to that group. Because the greyhound's strongest skill is to run, I felt that if they would lose a leg, they would lose their passion to live. Well, the day that Zoomer came home from his surgery, I was proven wrong. When I saw the joy in his eyes upon setting his eyes on me and my wife, I realised that a dog's joy lives in the relationship he has with those he loves and who love him.
Since Zoomer's surgery, he has become even more precious to us. And speaking at least for myself, the way he has "handled" this challenge, has been an inspiration to me. He has been getting the best food we can afford, as I now firmly believe that proper nutrition can play a significant role in fighting osteosarcoma. But even before that, we have seen his body develop into something even stronger than before the cancer struck it's evil hand. I am amazed every day at how luxurious his coat has become! Never in his life has he had the thick, soft undercoat that he now possesses. His muscles have also toned up very well. My plan is to keep him on a regular schedule of walks, short walks, and open play (fetching sticks/Frisbees, playing tug of war, etc.). I think it's important to get and keep his rear leg strong and healthy so that it can safetly accept the added stress now required of it. And as you can see in the second picture posted here, his rear leg is getting quite muscular.

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