Sunday, January 18, 2009

Captain Z turns 9 years-old today!

A few months ago, it looked like this day would never happen - Zoomer's 9th birthday. So much has happened in the past 3 months that it blows my mind just thinking about it. Zoomer, my greyhound, has had many aliases over the years, which include but are not limited to: Zoomer-boomer, Boomer-boy, Z-Man, Millenium Child (born in 2000), and Crow Dog (due to some connection with big, black crows early in his life that I never quite understood). But the one alias that he is probably known by best is Captain Z. Zoomer aquired that name when he was just about one year old. A little boy I knew invented this character, a type of cartoon canine super-hero and alter-ego for Zoomer. Until recently, Captain Z's true identity was known only by a priviledged few. Now that he's retired from this service, we feel that his identity can be safely revealed.

Here are a couple early promotional photos that were used early in Captain Z's "career".

So here we sit, my wife and I, blessed to have been given extra time to care for this devoted, beautiful creation of God's, and honored to be chosen as the guardians of this living legend. And if you think that I'm a bit off my rocker and not quite in tune with reality...well, my friend - you just haven't met Zoomer yet! LOL

This is a picture of Zoomer enjoying his retirement, and celebrating his 9th birthday with a new stuffed teddy bear!

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